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Frequently asked


  • Is North Slope Publications (NSP) one of those "vanity press" companies, where anyone with a big enough checkbook can get published?"
    Definitely not. We use the same editorial review and quality control processes as the big boys. However, we have much greater latitude and tolerance for new authors and will work to achieve your goals as opposed to simply returning an unapproved manuscript with an impersonal form letter rejection. For technical writing projects, we share quality acceptance responsibility with the client.
  • Does my manuscript have to be "camera ready"? What format should I use?"
    We prefer manuscripts in Microsoft Word and our production service packages cross the spectrum of customer needs. Please email us for editorial guidelines.
  • If I need an existing techincal document updated in a hurry, can you help?"
    Yes. We can assign an editorial team to your subject matter expert (SME) and give you a highly professional product with a quick turnaround.
  • I've never published anything before and I'm nervous about interacting with professional editors and writers. What can you tell me to ease my fears?
    Our mission is to encourage new writers to reach their goals. We all remember being exactly where you are and how someone helped us. Now it is our turn.
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