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Rogue pilots are a silent menace, undermining aviation and threatening lives and property every day. But never - until now - have they been exposed for the danger that they are.


Learn how to recognize the rogue in action, how to weigh the options and costs of dealing with one, and what your organization's role should be. Tony Kern gives you a unique toolkit for diagnosing and solving the rogue menace, including:


  • A clear definition and description of the rogue aviator: personality, habits and actions
  • Case studies of individual and organizational culprits
  • How to spot and cope with the rogue
  • Personal risk analysis to use in self-diagnosis
  • How to create safeguards against rogue behavior


Safety, profit margins, personal advancement, and organizational survival all depend on dealing successfully with rogue behavior, and Darker Shades of Blue: The Rogue Pilot is the first - and only - guide that shows you how.

Darker Shades of Blue: The Rogue Pilot

  • Tony Kern, 2006

  • Paperback 249 pages: 6 X 9

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