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Based upon the simple mathematics of exposure, the real problem of unprofessional behavior is not the one-off events that make the news.


It's not the drunk pilot in the cockpit, the Ponzi-scheming financier, the surgeon who cuts off the wrong leg, or the child molesting clergyman.


It's the cashier who is rude to a first-time customer who will never return to your store, the abrasive driver's license clerk who stokes anti-government resentment with his consistently negative attitude, or the customer care representative who doesn't promptly return phone calls and drives previously loyal customers to the competition.


It is the teacher who has lost interest in her student's learning, the burnt-out businessman who no longer gives a damn about profit and loss, and the auto mechanic who uses secondhand parts out of convenience.


If we stop to think and play each of these scenarios out over the hundreds of lives touched by each of these individuals, what you come up with is a true equation for the staggering costs of unprofessional behavior in our society.


GOING PRO, by bestselling author Tony Kern, normalizes excellence in industry and government one professional at a time.

Going Pro: The Deliberate Practice of Professionalism

  • Tony Kern, 2011

  • Paperback 330 pages: 6 X 9

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