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Our Featured Author

Dr. Tony Kern

Dr. Tony Kern is one of the world’s leading authorities on human performance in high-risk endeavors and has researched, written, and trained around the globe for over three decades.


Tony has authored eight books on human performance and is also a featured columnist for Skies and Vertical Valor magazines. Despite his three graduate degrees, Dr. Kern rejects the label of “academic” and prefers to be called a “knuckle dragging bomber pilot” due to his operational roots in the U.S. Air Force as a Command Pilot and Flight Examiner in the B-1B bomber. Tony writes in a voice that communicates often complex topics in an easy-to-understand manner.


Often witty and occasionally politically incorrect, he gives it to the reader “straight from the shoulder” in a clear, convincing manner.

He is a former Associate Professor and Director of Military History at the USAF Academy, and upon retirement from the Air Force in 2000, served as the National Aviation Director for the U.S. Forest Service, where he directed the largest non-military government aviation program in the world in support of federal wildland fire suppression. Tony holds master’s degrees in political science and military history, and a doctorate in Education Administration, specializing in human factors research.


He is also a graduate of the Federal Executive Institute and the US federal government Senior Executive Service Development Programs. Tony has dedicated his adult life to helping individuals and organizations reduce error, mitigate losses, and optimize their performance.  But he still finds time to enjoy his personal hobbies of hunting, fishing, sports of all kinds, and writing. He and Shari, his wife of 34 years, currently live on a Texas hill country ranch with their six dogs and livestock.

About Us


North Slope Publications

North Slope Publications is a small, woman-owned business that was created specifically to provide a unique publishing model for new and experienced authors.


We provide a fast, flexible, and high-quality alternative to the bureaucracy of large publishers, providing a higher financial return per copy sold.


Personal service, professional results.

Smaller. Smarter. 


Writer's FAQ

  • Is North Slope Publications (NSP) one of those "vanity press" companies, where anyone with a big enough checkbook can get published?"
    Definitely not. We use the same editorial review and quality control processes as the big boys. However, we have much greater latitude and tolerance for new authors and will work to achieve your goals as opposed to simply returning an unapproved manuscript with an impersonal form letter rejection. For technical writing projects, we share quality acceptance responsibility with the client.
  • Does my manuscript have to be "camera ready"? What format should I use?"
    We prefer manuscripts in Microsoft Word and our production service packages cross the spectrum of customer needs. Please email us for editorial guidelines.
  • If I need an existing techincal document updated in a hurry, can you help?"
    Yes. We can assign an editorial team to your subject matter expert (SME) and give you a highly professional product with a quick turnaround.
  • I've never published anything before and I'm nervous about interacting with professional editors and writers. What can you tell me to ease my fears?
    Our mission is to encourage new writers to reach their goals. We all remember being exactly where you are and how someone helped us. Now it is our turn.


North Slope Publications (NSP) provides authors and readers a paradigm breaking alternative to mega-publishing houses and retailers. By leveraging emerging print-on-demand technologies and shipping direct to the buyer, we avoid the environmentally disruptive practices of large inventories, overstocking, returns, and unnecessary legs in the shipping process.

We provide full service publishing and sales for new and established authors. Additionally, we offer support to companies and other organizations who require on time, on budget publications and who desire to do business with a new publishing model that is both environmentally and fiscally responsible. If you are looking to publish a corporate technical manual or your next fiction best seller, choose the smaller, smarter company who shares your values.


At North Slope Publications (NSP), we might be the little guys but our experienced professional staff offers a big variety of pre-production and production services at big savings. By streamlining the production and distribution process, your costs are kept to a minimum. This means a more cost effective solution for the technical project or greater percentage of returns to the author in the retail market.

We offer the following services to cater to your specific needs, including:

  • Concept refinement

  • Research

  • Editorial review

  • Copy writing and editing

  • Graphics support

  • Layout and formatting

  • Publishing

  • Distribution

Nonprofits and Foundations we support

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